Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wannabe -Me!

Just came back from a trade show today.. gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!!
I've just came across a super funky store with all sorts of cute, designer-like gadget that you could only imagine.. *sigh*

and how i wish..

*i could hear background music started playing dreamily across my mind.. as it travels into my very own la-la-land...*

i saw a girl.. looked rather savvy, flawless and every inch a successful, proud young business woman.. having everything under her control, her life, her business, her finance, with a nice little pink diary.. talking on an oh-so-posh Motorola flip phone, checking her oh-so-nice Gucci watch and sipping her favourite Bubble Tea.
On her right hand, is a set of keys to her oh-so-metro apartment with a to-die-for view.. and her sparkling white car.. ready to go for an important million-dollar business meeting..

She looked rather satisfied and amused, hang up the phone, and was just about to put the phone back to her oh-so-glam latest Dior bag, when her phone rang again.. this time was an sms.. from her ever oh-so-sweet boyfriend or fiance (maybe?)..she skimmed thru, smile and get into the car and drive away.. leaving only her the beautiful smell of her oh-so-chic Burberry London perfume for your imagination..

*and the curtain slowly drew closer.. and closer.. as she drove away to the sun set.. to continue her fulfilling, joyous routine...*

i wish...i wish....

I wish there i met a magician and suddenly I was in her shoes.. living her oh-so-perfect life..i wish its that easy to ditch all the problem in the life.. and just fill her shoes.. in fact, what if it really happens? what am i gonna do!?

Awesome! Awesome! Im starting to feel insane!
God.. Cant take my mind away from the dream! CANT CANT.. someone wake me up!