Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Iphone fever

me lying on my bed as i blog...using my iphone!! Yay!! I didnt say it wrong.. Im a proud owner of it from lou for my bday last sat... What a nice surprise.. Never thought im gonna ever own any apple related stuff...lov u so much! And thx for the cutesy bag , mickey mouse tops... But most of all, my mickey mouse cake n the great dinner.. Twas awesome.. U really made me feel special... Thx thx thx... Iphone fever... Now i got too obssesed w my phone.. Im not going anywhere without it n im constantly checking my phone every now and tgen... Even now.. Im doing it.. And totally admiring this very machine at the same i nuts or what?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Messy Monday Morning a.k,a MMM

What a mess! What a big Monday mess..

I hate Monday!!
Emails, Faxes, Orders, Back orders, Missing Stock, Phone calls, IRITTATING PATHETIC CUSTOMERS, insufficient account credit.. i wanna burn all the files on my table and go smash something!

What the hell is wrong with all this? im not a super hero or an octopus with 8 arms! GIVE ME A BREAK!