Friday, March 26, 2010

Paul is a big cunt

Feeling very emo at work today
Not even sure whether I should felt betrayed, fooled, angry, dissapointed or sad anymore
Guess its an uneven mix of all negative feeling..

I'm in a very negative state of mind
right then and even right now, i guess

My boss is a big fat fuckin' liar, cunt, sly, untrusworthy, retarded politician ever.
I felt like a small unworthy-of-life pawn in a big field of chess. My mind keep asking "how could he.." Why promise me something that I want if you are just buying my time? Why? Why? Why?
Why make use of me for your own battle and shrug me off after? What bad thing have I ever done to you. Paul, u're a cunt!!!!!

Meet my boss - Paul "Dickhead" Cunt

All I did was do my job, and take even more responsibility than what I got paid for. Why should I take care of everything for you if you can't even take care of me? Thats so bloody irresponsible.
I dont think you have my best interest at heart. If you want me to go, fire me. Do something to get rid of me. Why promise me something simple that you can't even fulfil? Why not own up your bloody mistake? Why can't you just face your bloody irresponsible self ? Why make so many twist to your story when you know that I can easily find out the truth.. why make up shit that even a 3 year old would not believe? Why are you being a lame cunt? Why are you messing with my trust?

Why make me lose the last remaining little bit of respect I have for you?

And what makes me really sad is that there is nothing I can do about when it happened. Not today, anyway. I didnt see it coming. I can't go up to his face and slap him. I felt like quitting, but I shouldn't.. should I? What I should do is to use everything in my power to take him down

but HOW?? talk is shit easy.
I'm in still in the state of shock I can't even plot a revenge because my mind just went blank whole day. I can feel the fire burning on my chest. I need a revenge. Bloody have to think of something to take him down. SUGGESTIONNNNNSSS???!!!!!

Fucking PAUL is a big cunt!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Woo Hoo... FATT at last!!

Nice surprise!

Totally unplanned.

Random checking on my bank account tonight and see this:

$1,888 ---> see my triple 8s?

looks crappy, shit i dont know how to fix this, double click if you dont believe me.
(instruction: HEY!! DOUBLE CLICK ON THE ABOVE. see for yourself)
heee heee heee.. woo-hoo madness!! madness!!!

im going mad....

ok, distraction required.

my future partner doing mankind a favour. LOVE YOU!!!
love~ love~ love~