Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sickos & Weirdos

Havent been posting for days..not because im too lazy.. just havent get online for a few days.. been out and about.. and havent slept for the past (almost)40 hours.. and living a single life to the max (something that i havent done for a few years..:P)

Not much update, anyway.. just work work and work.. but the truth is, i havent been concentrating on my listing job much these days, thanks to overload issue.. and too much things going on with complaints from some really stupid, overreacting, troublesome customers... some from fair trading.. and some.. really, just useless stuff like why have you not reply my emails and shit like that.. tiring.. boring.. frustrating.. and most of all, making ppl sick sick sick :(

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Watermelon Hell

Maybe it was lack of sleep, maybe it was just stressed, plus a bit of pain.. but it certainly is a big frustration..

i totally freaked out at work yesterday :( which is so unprofessional.. but i cant help it.. im sooooo tired i cant even blog.. plus tonnes of complaints waiting to be resolved.. *sigh* what a life..

came back from office, head straight to supermarket.. and gosh, why are everyone buying watermelon like there's no tomorrow??! they are bloody heavy.. all of them.. why did every single customer have to carry at least 1 huuge XXL watermelon in their shopping bag *rolled eyes* dooh..

anyway, its been a long day, but the show must go on.. and now,time for me to log into the career site to look for new jobs.. *sigh*

Monday, March 5, 2007

More than this, baby

Still dying slowly
somehow manage hard to ease the pain away
still dancing the dance of the death
but its gotta take more than this to kill me..
to destroy my faith in myself

Empty.. the feeling i know best
woke up empty, go to bed empty
laugh and cry, talking to my soul
i feel empty inside..

I cant explain this feeling
i feel lifeless yet i dont want to die
i feel lonely yet i dont want you here
i feel empty but i feel better off alone..somehow
i feel tired but i am restless
im fighting this feeling again and again.. and i dont know how long it will take me to stand up again.. brush off the dust.. pick up whats left.. and move on.. and show you what i made of..

i dont know..

all i know is
it takes
more than this
to kill me off the chapter
and more than this
to wipe me out of the way
more than this, baby