Sunday, February 25, 2007


Got up early, tried to clear the mess in my head..

Called up a nearby hairdresser for an appointment, and arrived 15 mins later (he' s such a good looking guy, btw :P).. and i realized.. its been a while since i head off to a hairdresser..1 year at least! 1 year!!? damn i really feel like an old lady now..

anyway, cuts and layers are really nice. and ( to my disbelief!) it actually makes you feel better about yourself.. just so you know, i've been reading a lot lately, and many.. ( yes, many) recommends that a change ( yep, you heard it right.) , just a simple change could makes you feel better instantly in cases like mine.. well, of course, it does cheers u up but thats not about it.. you got a hell lot of work to be done as well inside..but, really. i have to admit it.. it works..

so, my new haircut ( * ^-^*) .. i love it to bits.. not only the colour that instantly gives you a glimpse of radiance ( kekeke....) but also the curls.. oh beautiful curls ( it wont last.. i know i know but.. at least im happy for now), they are so beautiful.. and the feel of it.. geez .. i cant remember being any happier for the past 6 months.. ^-^ .. at least i could say.. $200.00 well spent.. hehehe..

and in case you cant imagine how pretty it is (as some ppl may have encounter some imagination prob and underrate the pretti-ness of the haircut *blush*) moi going to be generous enough to show what it looks like.. and there you go!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Alone again (naturally)

I think of you again today
Cant help myself

I miss you again.. so badly its killing me
I missed our first kiss.. our first fight
and all our laughter and tears
they're all coming back to me..

Now you're after your dreams
what am I to you..
chances are.. I'll be seeing you in my dreams tonite..

I love you and I always will
keep and cherish my feelings for you
chances may come back to me again..

take care..

I really hate to see myself drowning in this lifeless thoughts.. i know im dealing with a painful break up and all that.. and i wish i could just said to myself.. get a grip and move on, and really mean it! but again, its always easier said than done..and he is the on i loved .. and still do..and when feelings takeover the working brain, i'll just let myself sink.. deeper and deeper into God knows where..

*sigh* ... well, no one ever says break up is gonna be easy..

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The feeling i know so well

watching my life slowly fading away from me
slowly stealing the light from my soul
i look upon the lighthouse i held so dearly in my youth

and just like the other things in life..
you slowly turn away..
just like the beauty and joy in my life..
you pass me by..

the gift of hope you shed upon me..
where my shameless soul clings upon to..
fading away with the rest of the universe..
with the joy.. the hope.. and all else that matters most..

creeping in the darkness
me trying to find the end of the tunnel..
reaching out for you ..
for my dream .. for eternity
yet i see my soul dying in front of me
i struggle..
i cried..
and i broke into pieces..

just like how..
just like when..
just like who..
the girl i was..
when you tear me into pieces.. to whats left of me..