Thursday, September 4, 2008

No one knows

No one knows how badly you've left my heart in pieces today
No one knows how miserable you have made my day today
No one knows how much i had loved you
No one knows how hard it would be for me to let you go
No one cares anymore of how i would live my life from today onwards
No one, not even you anymore

Im sorry for all the things i did
Only God knows how much I truly loved you
and Only time will heals the wound for both me and you.. or not, no one knows
i expect regret, i do, yet i have no other way to go
Its a forward or dead-end road
I know you wont understand me and my way of thinking
It's complicated and I only have myself to blame

Im sorry to have loved you the way i did
Im sorry for everything...

Love you always,

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