Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rich Bitch

"Money cant buy you happiness" - Anonymous


Whoever originates that quotation, i hate you. If you're not happy enough being rich, then so be it. Don't intoxicate the whole world with your nonsense, bastard.

I wanna be a RICH BITCH in the next 10 years!!

which bitch?

When I was a teenager, my dad once said, "Money is not everything in this world. Money can't buy you happiness" --> see? Even he quoted this anonymous bastard and was somehow to misled into believing that Money is not that important.

Note that all the Money in my blog comes with a capital M, why? because it deserves a capital. And a capital punishment for those who underestimate its power, like I once did *pinching myself hard*

Well, not anymore. Let me alter it to suit my point. Just like how all credit cards comes with terms & conditions in fine prints:

Money can't buy you happiness*

* Terms & Conditions:

1. If you are unhappy in the first place

Money can't buy you happiness - Sure as hell it doesnt. But, does being poor makes you less miserable? If you're not happy, don't blame it on having $$, thats because you have problems. Got it? and having Money surely helps you to solve some of the problem (see clause 3)

2. If you don't spend it

Compare this:

7pm - Wake up worrying about being late for the damn meeting with the most irritating people. Followed by spilling coffee on the report which is due in like, er.. 2 minutes.
1pm - Shit! Have to skip lunch because of a client dropping over from another planet.
6pm -Happy & contented. Finally being released from the 9to5 jail , straight into the rush and traffic jam. Passing by retail stores, spotted some gorgeous bags and shoes with beautiful price tag, getting heartpain and proceed to deep sighing.
8pm - Meeting up with friends, bitching and complaining about life and sharing tips on how to survive.
10pm - Going to bed worrying about the unpaid credit card debts, medical bills and mortgage. Another sleeples nights.

to this:

You suddenly won a 100 million lottery jackpot and your whole life changed. You now wake up in a Hilton room in a different part of the world everyday, breakfast in bed, followed by a daily dose of Dior, Prada, LV and Gucci every morning *swoon* Chauffered in limos everywhere you go *swoon again*, lunching with whoever you feel like in midday, in the most exotic locations , and private jetting to enjoy romantic dining for dinner, complete with fireworks. and so on..

or in case u dont like it my style, this: waking up and go fishing whole day long with your mates, or in my bf case, playing video games whole day (and watching porn in between, i strongly suspect, duh) without worrying about me freaking out.

Needless to say, i choose the latter.

I wanna swim and dive into Money like Uncle Scrooge.

3. If you don't spend it, wisely

Paiseh, the second terms was a bit extreme. so i alter it again. This is a true story. When my grandma was admitted to the hospital not long ago, she made me realize something tragic about life. Medical fees is excessive, whichever part of the world you're in.

Being sick with life-threatening conditions, whoever, i presume, would want the best and ONLY THE BEST for their love ones,best treatment from best medical team in the best hospital. who wouldnt want that? unfortunately, this practice only applies to the privileged few in the society, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Voldermort. Lame joke, ok, they-who-must-be-prioritize, THE RICH. How does that makes you feel?

Shitty.. I felt completely helpless. I want to give my very best, but unfortunately, I realize my very best is limited to the size of my pocket. I am lucky that my dad is footing the bills. But it made me realize something. Consider it is just me alone.. what is going to happen? I remember feeling very lonely, I felt sad, dissapointed and angry at myself and repeatingly asking myself "Is this the best you can do for someone you love? If it is, then it is not good enough". Just because my pocket limit is not a size of THE RICH's, someone I love have to suffer and settle to second-best or third-best treatment? You are talking about life threatening conditions..

Sad but true, had we not have any savings and spend wisely...

Still disagree?
Well, here's some more myth busters:

1. Myth: "I'd rather be poor financially, yet have a rich loving family life. You see the rich old ah-pek, rich also no use, so lonely, no wife no kids. Will die until no one know (hokkien: si kau bo lang cai)"

Common myth, I grow up with this statement. I hear it EVERYWHERE. Some rich people really kena curse so badly..

I say: Siau ah! Which old ah-pek dies alone? When you are rich, all your relatives will suddenly be drawn to you like magnet. Not only do they become really nice to you, they will even do charity for you by helping you out in every occasion, without you even asking. Not only that, young sexy women will also made themselves available to you.. which mean you will not "die until no one knows". Agree?

2. Myth: Rich people are selfish and evil or, on the street version :" All this rich people, already rich, still so greedy, steal the business from poor people like us, no shame!"
aiyaa.. i also heard this a million times before.

I say: OMG. Get Real! How do you "steal business" from the poor people? The market is there, the opportunity is just right in front of your eyes, if it's you, will you let it pass you by just like that? and "let" other people grab it? If you're not good enough, find other means, don't blame other people. Puh-leez...

Some people even go to the extent of bitching about so and so's daughter. "Her daughter ah.. now become so rich. She got poor family, lucky she know how to dig the lecherous rich ah-pek". I say, waah lau.. are you not happy that other people's are having a better life now? If you are girl- young, rich and hot, gossip will follow you. Why can't people give blessings instead of curse... pisses me off!

Of course, I, too do not like gold-digger,although I believe that you'll have a happier life if you happen to have a rich husband than suffer with a penniless one. Question, how do you define this word gold-digger? I've got a friend who found someone who truly loves her and HAPPENED to be rich. Surely she can't be classified as one?

I also do not like rich spoiled brat who aspires to live off their rich parents'/ bf /husbands' saving, but like it or not, I have to admit, Money with a capital M definitely give you a better life, it won't buy a soul, but it is one of the most important recipe for a happy life. Money - the root of all evil. I say, pah! If I have more money now, I'd certainly be a lot more happier in this material world. If you don't agree, then fuck off.

I can go on forever..

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