Sunday, January 12, 2014


My love life has not been exactly perfect.
But its certainly one of the most interesting thing that change how i look at the world, at life and maybe, love, on a high dosage

As much as I tried to hide this always, I hate admitting that I was a hopeless romantic, still is and probably will never change

Hate this raw open wound somewhere in the heart
Why am i feeling so lonely and exposed whenever the topic of love is brought to surface
I hate feeling and being vulnerable. Will I ever open up myself again. I love my bear, but id never love a person as much as Ive loved you ever. God knows what youve done to my heart. You never really gave it back

I hate being emo
I hate having to compare anyone to what I felt for you
and I hate admitting I missed you a lot
I wished I could go back in time to feel your presence once more in my life
That would complete my being
I just wished the you I used to love is still here in the world somewhere sometimes
7 years? Was it that long ago?

The old you is gone.
Is the reason why I missed you so much is my own youth?
or the purity of an innocent heart that has never been broken
Loving something with no fear of getting hurt
Letting your heart go and just loving another being so freely

Why do i missed you the way i do
I hate myself

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