Tuesday, October 15, 2013

To the unicorn

So there was this strong unicorn, always beautiful, a real crowd pleaser, whatever it does, always putting people before itself. Always there for others, always gentle, funny, charismatic. It has a heart of gold. Cheerful, welcoming and always make others feel comfortable around it

I fell for you unicorn. I fell for your charisma and the beautiful soul
I look up to you unicorn. Every little thing you do, that extra mile you travelled, the light in your deep set eyes. And most of all, your delicate attempt at pretending to be the invincible alpha male. You never fail to make me laugh.

I walked my path over the summer days with  you unicorn.
Breathe in your beauty and bathe in your warmth
We walked and laughed and loved and I arrived here.

At the door, there was this very same unicorn.

Except it was fragile, beautiful but wounded to the point of no return.

Its heart was broken and mended a million times that it was not the same unicorn each time it broke
This unicorn was abused, wrongly accused, afraid, lonely, misunderstood and left alone.
Yet its heart of gold still shine through and it carried on like a loyal servant.
It carries with it the gift of hope and faith and I saw abundant of love and stories in its eyes

I fell harder for you unicorn. Your bitterness, your anger and each of your plead to God
It is so afraid of letting someone in because it is not sure they will like what they find
It is always begging for heaven to open up the door so it could go back to where it belongs
Well, Unicorn. You belong here. You are not going anywhere.

Hold my hands
Come back to the summer days and share your magical being with me once again
I am no fairy godmother. I don't grant wishes but I promise to love you unconditionally for who you are

It is not an ideal world. We are not one and we may not ever be.
But I will protect my unicorn from harm and see the beauty in you unicorn.
For as long as i live

Your admirer

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