Thursday, February 22, 2007

Alone again (naturally)

I think of you again today
Cant help myself

I miss you again.. so badly its killing me
I missed our first kiss.. our first fight
and all our laughter and tears
they're all coming back to me..

Now you're after your dreams
what am I to you..
chances are.. I'll be seeing you in my dreams tonite..

I love you and I always will
keep and cherish my feelings for you
chances may come back to me again..

take care..

I really hate to see myself drowning in this lifeless thoughts.. i know im dealing with a painful break up and all that.. and i wish i could just said to myself.. get a grip and move on, and really mean it! but again, its always easier said than done..and he is the on i loved .. and still do..and when feelings takeover the working brain, i'll just let myself sink.. deeper and deeper into God knows where..

*sigh* ... well, no one ever says break up is gonna be easy..

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