Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The feeling i know so well

watching my life slowly fading away from me
slowly stealing the light from my soul
i look upon the lighthouse i held so dearly in my youth

and just like the other things in life..
you slowly turn away..
just like the beauty and joy in my life..
you pass me by..

the gift of hope you shed upon me..
where my shameless soul clings upon to..
fading away with the rest of the universe..
with the joy.. the hope.. and all else that matters most..

creeping in the darkness
me trying to find the end of the tunnel..
reaching out for you ..
for my dream .. for eternity
yet i see my soul dying in front of me
i struggle..
i cried..
and i broke into pieces..

just like how..
just like when..
just like who..
the girl i was..
when you tear me into pieces.. to whats left of me..

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