Sunday, February 25, 2007


Got up early, tried to clear the mess in my head..

Called up a nearby hairdresser for an appointment, and arrived 15 mins later (he' s such a good looking guy, btw :P).. and i realized.. its been a while since i head off to a hairdresser..1 year at least! 1 year!!? damn i really feel like an old lady now..

anyway, cuts and layers are really nice. and ( to my disbelief!) it actually makes you feel better about yourself.. just so you know, i've been reading a lot lately, and many.. ( yes, many) recommends that a change ( yep, you heard it right.) , just a simple change could makes you feel better instantly in cases like mine.. well, of course, it does cheers u up but thats not about it.. you got a hell lot of work to be done as well inside..but, really. i have to admit it.. it works..

so, my new haircut ( * ^-^*) .. i love it to bits.. not only the colour that instantly gives you a glimpse of radiance ( kekeke....) but also the curls.. oh beautiful curls ( it wont last.. i know i know but.. at least im happy for now), they are so beautiful.. and the feel of it.. geez .. i cant remember being any happier for the past 6 months.. ^-^ .. at least i could say.. $200.00 well spent.. hehehe..

and in case you cant imagine how pretty it is (as some ppl may have encounter some imagination prob and underrate the pretti-ness of the haircut *blush*) moi going to be generous enough to show what it looks like.. and there you go!

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