Monday, December 31, 2012

Have i told you lately

A few things have been happening since my last entry - a bit more than 2 years ago *fail much*
some good,
some not so,
some to be remembered,
some to be left behind

Thank you 2012, uve been great.
Guess this is by far the best year in my life ever since i left home
10 was a battle and another year of ruins. 11 was the year of pick up, dust off and try again
12 is when i find myself again and ive never been happier :)

Memorable stuff from 2011:
1. Bought my first property
2. Got myself a bear
3. Met some really awesome friends for life at work
4. Got myself my DLSR (no wait, i think that was in June 2010 i think. meh, just for the heck of it)

3 most memorable stuff i did in 2012:
1. Milestone year - Im turning 30!!!
2. My property settled on 1st day of Chinese new year
3. Moving in with mr bear
4. Bali holiday with mr bear
5. Make it happen
6. Paying off ATO debt

(Yes, i know i said 3 but i dont care and still counting.. and btw, surviving end of the world 21/12/2012 should technically count as another achievement lol. Oh, and me and lou broke up - more on that later , or maybe never haha)

but above all, i can finally see some lights at the end of this tunnel of my twenties and guess what, i cant be happier.
I found my old self back again, I started rebuilding my life for the better, closed the door behind me and move on, became my own best friend, and love myself a little bit more each day.

So today, on this very day of new year's eve, i want to say 2012 - thank you, im deeply humbled by what you gave me and 2013 - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!

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